Fine Art Textiles

March 16, 2018
Museum of Art, University of

fabrics ExhibitThe Textiles graduate program fosters textile art as an academic, imaginative, and professional undertaking. Its multifaceted, combining conventional handwork with digital and industrial technology production, to produce a professional artist’s profile for exhibitions along with professional methods in neuro-scientific Textile Design. The program’s objective is the professional knowledge of the artist and designer in neuro-scientific contemporary textiles interfacing use professional textile design.

Course Curriculum The Textiles graduate curriculum encompasses the wide possibilities of textile making with a fine art focus. The personalized, research based, graduate textile programs emphasize an experiential, technological, intellectual, conceptual, aesthetic, and qualitative examination. Areas of study include textile design, mix-media three-dimensional fiber, textile record, textile conservation, professional and digital technology- interfaced output. Students are encouraged to develop multi-media and inter-disciplinary methods, and simply take electives in other disciplines.

An important emphasis when you look at the Textiles graduate program is the development of each student’s specific potential. To that particular end this system encourages a work ethic of stability, commitment, and innovation. Students are promoted and supported because they pursue creative methods to broaden their particular knowledge as an expert textile specialist and good artist.

The Textiles graduate program provides full university fees waiver and analysis stipend to any or all accepted students. The first year graduate student is assigned duties as a GLA to oversee studio maintenance and assumes teaching obligations as a GTA over the past year of research.

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