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March 1, 2018
Achievements - Interstock

Custom-made curtain for Tiny shop

Detail – Layered Materials

Detail – Fringes (silkscreen)

little store, 2013

Small Edition No 2 – Collage Posters

Small Edition No 2 – Poster ONE

Small Edition No 2 – Poster TWO

Tiny Edition No 2 – Poster THREE

interior decorating by Hellome

Home design by HelloMe

Small Shop


Small is a concept shop for youngsters. Considering passion for quality and understanding of fascination and fun in design of this founder Anne Postrach, the store carries a thrilling selection of smart and inspiring items for the kids, that could cause you to desire to be little again.

The shop when you look at the heart of Berlin’s Mitte region is put in a carefully considered location. The inner design concept by HelloMe preserves the structures’ original features whilst generating a contemporary, hot and playful space for kids and grown-ups alike.

I happened to be commissioned to design a custom curtain the stores fitted room inside. a part from serving as a visual address its layers also are a playful hide-and-seek choice for children.

Additionally I became appointed to to create the second version associated with shops individual group of tiny items and items entitled "Tiny.Edition". I created some paper collages that are offered in a restricted edition poster series.

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