Textiles Decorative Techniques

February 19, 2016
Mrs Arty-Textiles

warp facedThe primary method of decorating cloth throughout Africa is the dyeing of bond or finished cloths. Although there were a small array of in your area created plant dyes that permitted weavers in many places to produce some colors of brown, green, yellowish, and perhaps purple, the most crucial dye in Africa happens to be indigo. Most fabric produced on the continent on the hundreds of years ended up being simple designs generated by combining the all-natural white (and sometimes beige) of the cotton fiber fibres with stripes of varied colors of indigo-blue. With regards to the relative thickness associated with warp and weft threads, the resulting cloths could have stripes down the strip (warp- experienced) or throughout the strip (weft-faced.)

additional weft float - extra design weft threads float across the strip. supplementary warp float - additional design warp threads float along the strip.
openwork - in typical Yoruba design with threads floated down cloth strip heap weave on an Ijebu Yoruba shawl

warp faced There are several techniques used to embellish a cloth after it is often woven. Many of these had their particular origins in indigenous weaving business but have actually later on been placed on the design of imported cloth. Dyers have actually used a variety of methods of resist dyeing, i.e. the dyeing of thread or material that has been treated so that section of it resists the dye, leaving a pattern regarding cloth. These generally include ikat weaving one of the Baule of Côte D'Ivoire as well as the Yoruba of Nigeria and several traditions that utilise starch resist or tie and dye, that the adire for the Yoruba is better known. Another and special way of dyeing can be used to produce the mud-dyed bogolanfini in Mali.warp faced The Asante of Ghana utilise a type of publishing utilizing stamps made of sections of calabash layer to make a patterned cloth known as adinkra. Embroidery can be found in many types, including regarding the Kuba raffia cloths of Congo therefore the robes of northern Nigeria. Finally there are a few distinct traditions of applique, in which areas from various cloths are sewn collectively which will make designs. One of the better understood among these will be the flags associated with the Fon leaders of precolonial Danhome, and the Asafo war flags of Fante organizations of coastal Ghana.

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warp faced warp faced

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