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September 26, 2016
Tailoring is back! Textronics' i-Tailor store is a unique age bespoke tailoring store that makes use of an internet 3D design motor available customized tailoring services in real time.

i-Tailor store brings the art of tailoring live by turning your individual computer into a classy, digital expansion of one's tailoring shop. It allows you and your consumers to co-create tailored clothes by picking from amongst a wide range of textiles, styles, styles, fixtures as well as other moment detailing.

The system is a user-friendly program which takes the users through a novel tailoring experience. Your clients can see a 3D image regarding the product being developed in real-time.

on line Tailor store
  • an innovative mode of bespoke tailoring - provides your clients a comprehensive alternatives and functions, they never understood existed!
  • Total modification and focus on details for every aspect of the textile designing - for right appearance hence unique feel
  • an online 3D design computer software lends universal applicability
  • i-Tailor store makes it possible for e-commerce portals to supply web personalized tailoring
  • Accept instructions 24 x 7

    The machine enables you to keep and retrieve earlier designs, measurements, and requests. For new purchases, you can simply see and change the kept details, designs, suitable required. The portal offers fast strategies for using measurements. In-effect your clients can place tailoring sales without stepping into the store!

    Co-creation is feasible

  • Since your customers join up and fascinated at each phase there is increased brand recall and buyer retention
  • Clients co-create and accept styles away from home, therefore very nearly zero re-working = reducing costs
  • A massive design collection enables your customers to choose special designs, colors, styles, fittings etc
  • Your customers can stay-in track utilizing the newest in fashion and styling through regular changes and adjustment in your portal
  • i-Tailor shop for e-commerce portals

    The i-Tailor shop gets the potential become the second big thing in ecommerce. The host of convenience functions takes bespoke tailoring to a different amount!
  • Users need only fundamental internet connectivity, allowing a universal usefulness with this textile design pc software
  • i-Tailor shop could become a great online sales tool offering exclusivity while becoming safe and straighforward
  • Considering that the i-Tailor store is published on your WEB host there is no need for extra plug-ins
  • It allows website marketing through:
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Do-it yourself Tailoring

  • A more sophisticated 3D design pc software includes every aspect relevant tailoring
  • Design the garment your self - pick the fit, collar, cuff and sleeve types; test various types of fastening, pockets etc - all in real time!
  • Pick from an enormous internet based design database like solids, patterns, self-designs, etc
  • Ponder over detailing for straight back, collar height, bottom slice, cuff design, sleeve width, switch types, etc
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