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May 10, 2018

Wallpaper is basically garments for your wall space, which is why we contemplate it crazy to make use of it. Garments walk out style, and absolutely nothing makes a property look dated than wallpaper with a pattern that was obviously designed years ago.

What exactly is much crazier is exactly how labor-intensive it once was to generate wallpaper, also well into the 20th Century. See this video clip showing wallpaper production in Great Britain, shot in 1968:

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I love the old appearance of the silver router the girl initially makes use of, freehand believe it or not, even while I cringe to see she lacks both attention and breathing defense, not to mention there isn't any dirt collection. I guess i will become more surprised there had been expert power-tool-wielding women in the '60s anyway, when I'd thought that the sexism of that time would have precluded the girl from that role. Anyways browse the crazy Fred-Flintstone-looking wishbone handle within the picture below, which looks like it pushes the screw that clamps the beds base into router:

What the video don't program is when several of those patterns originated from. For the we get back to 1957, in which this thief with a camera is stealing them from best artist that ever before existed:

It's cool to observe how these exact things were made, but gosh—is here any other thing more hideous than old textile patterns?

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