Textile Design Internships

January 21, 2019

Sam FrederickSam Frederick- senior, fabrics and clothing, Oscar de la Renta

Frederick arrived an internship with Oscar de la Renta in ny come july 1st.

Im at this time interning at Oscar de la Renta (ODLR) in ny as a fabric research and development intern for production. My main projects have actually included piecing together swatch books that'll contain all fabrications used in the Spring '15 collection which will be shown this September. I have additionally created a reference book for Spring '15 for my manager that includes every fabrication that is sampled for Spring '15, the fashion designer who's sampling it and just what their particular end usage is. In addition cut materials for designers as well as for second-sample resort sales in addition to slashed strips when it comes to textile division and the fashion designer's studio. And that, i'm in charge of operating errands around Midtown (in which ODLR's business company is) and in to the Garment District to get various fabrics and patterns.

I became able to get this internship by reaching out to my supervisor over relatedIn. I sent the woman my resume and portfolio link then she interviewed me personally over the telephone. Following the meeting had been more than, I happened to be provided the positioning.

UNI features prepared me personally for my internship by providing me an extremely powerful history in knowing my textile materials. Generally speaking, the textiles and clothing system at UNI covers a rather wide range of subjects in textile design and design concept, three dimension concepts of apparel, and item development design, hence has actually given me personally knowledge on how all of the elements interact for one last item. Having taken such an array of courses makes me very versatile within my position. Not merely have actually I had the oppertunity to work alongside the ODLR manufacturing group, but In addition have already been able to do tasks for design staff and many other departments besides.