Textile Universities

January 16, 2019
NA body for setting up textile
Was created as Moscow State Textile Institute in 1919. It really is the oldest institutes of higher education in textiles in Russia.

In 1981, the institute ended up being called in honor of Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin, who'd died the last year and whose occupation was in the textile business. The institute was upgraded to "Academy" in 1990. It had been rebranded to A. N. Kosygin Moscow State Textile Academy.

Nine years later, the Academy ended up being approved as University and renamed given that A. N. Kosygin Moscow State Textile University in 1999.

The university offers training 18 various categories, education of masters and bachelors. It's 42 departments, where it offers researches to nearly 6700 pupils. The institution has actually 110 laboratories and 100 auditoriums.

Teaching staff includes 550 users, among which there are 90 professors and Doctors of Science, 300 connect professors and Candidates of Science.

Discover professors of further instruction in line with the institution when lectures of associated educational establishments update their skills within the world of textile technologies and pedagogy of vocational training.

The college has the followings significant departments:

    Tech and Production Control
      Technology of textile items Standardization and certification
    Chemical Tech and Ecology
      Technology and gear of substance fibres and their particular composites production Chemical technology and gear of completing production Engineering protection of environment in textile business
    Information technologies, mechanics, automatics and energetics
      Informatics and computer engineering Automation of technical procedures and productions Information systems and technologies Technological devices and equipment Heat and energy engineering Technosphere safety
    Additional instruction Economy and control
      Economic climate and management at enterprise Accounting, analysis and audit
    Ornamental art
      Artisitic costum designing Imaginative designing of textile products Artistic designing of leather products Imaginative designing of precious jewelry