Textile design magazines

April 19, 2016

magOver days gone by months, we've been very (very) hectic here at the Textile Arts Center! Bursting on seams, we have been so extremely excited to generally share our brand new endeavor, TAC Mag…

This bi-annual book can give vocals towards contemporary textile activity, and certainly will fit effortlessly to the overarching objective of Textile Arts Center.

pE2jzdG4_jKfAXlk9NO9HayXBvmaQyKyYpkSUryRCS8, WIvrlYa5gmfidux7fzKs-vxQipgYgQdt3QYg8Xq2ZtERooted in an educational and community-centric method, TAC will deliver curated content that informs and inspires. Through 96 pages of ahead-of-the-curve tutorials, designer and singer studio visits, existing textile development, fashion editorial spreads, and vacation guides, TAC will bind a residential district hungry for understanding and determination, and supply a missing website link in connecting the intercontinental textile neighborhood, while attracting new enthusiasts.

  • Textile Information qualities — Full length feature tales exploring present activities and trends in textile globe. From visits to solar powered fibre farms, to looking much deeper into a designer’s motivation, these features will keep you informed and engaged.
  • Travel guides — Visually arresting travel journals from far flung locales specifically tailored to textile-loving voyeurs.
  • Tutorials — Each concern has actually two tutorials in which you’ll uncover additional skills, perfect old ones, and obtain both hands dirty. Taught by the most popular trainers, manufacturers and musicians and artists, they’re like tiny classes it is possible to hold.
  • Editorial Fashion Stories —a part of total attention candy celebrating textile trends, manufacturers, styling, photography as well as the art of aesthetic storytelling.
  • Musician and Designer features — Go behind the scenes within our favorite artist/designers’ studios. Our interviews will cover their particular process, motivation, objectives...
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