Type of Textile

October 31, 2016
A folded square of linen

Cover imageBased on the type of steady-state temperature and moisture transfer through fabrics, an inverse dilemma of kind design (IPTD) for bilayer textile products under low temperature is put forward. Based on the notion of regularization strategy, the IPTD for bilayer textile products may be formulated into a function minimization issue. In the form of the finite difference algorithm for nonlinear ordinary differential equation additionally the direct search way of one-dimensional minimization dilemmas, an iterative algorithm when it comes to regularized option regarding the IPTD is built. By analyzing the results of numerical simulation in numerous environmental circumstances, some conclusions are acquired: Hooke–Jevees’s direct search strategy can efficiently solve the IPTD for bilayer textile products, at exactly the same time, numerical simulation shows the potency of the algorithm additionally the substance regarding the suggested inverse issue.


  • Bilayer textile materials;
  • Type design;
  • Heat and moisture transfer;
  • Inverse dilemmas;
  • Regularization strategy;
  • Numerical option
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