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December 11, 2017
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Trevor J. Little is Professor of Textile And Apparel control in the College of Textiles at NC State University. He graduated from University of Leeds, The united kingdomt with B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Textiles and has now caused CSIRO in Australian Continent, Philadelphia university of Textiles and Science (today Philadelphia University), Danskin Inc., and NC State University since 1984. His study interests feature functionally tailored textiles, nanofibers, establishing and delivering products which satisfy existing customer demand, automated apparel design, digital publishing and electrotextiles.


Business of style worldwide hires approximately 18 million people engaged in manufacturing, design, and development of manner. At this time, in the USA, over one million individuals are employed in the retailing of manner and about 200, 000 utilized in style apparel manufacturing across the American. Research the manner business addresses different disciplines both in the technologies and handling of production. An essential element of style is simple tips to design a continuing stream of new items is the minimum possible time so the customer has an ever-increasing choice of item. Technology plays a crucial role to aid the designer in 2D, 3D, proper fit, pleasing drape, physiological and emotional comfort, functionally tailored performance and aesthetics. The capability to prepare prototypes and examples rapidly usually supply a competitive benefit. Sourcing and logistics further improve a firms ability to entice perform business. My research passions feature production and administration, new item development, design for manufacturability, mass-customization, simulation, technology development, and financial competition.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D., Department of Textile Industries, 1974
University of Leeds

B.Sc., (Hons) Textile Industries, 1971
University of Leeds

B.Sc., Textile Industries, 1970
University of Leeds


TAM 416 Business of Fashion, TAM 219 Fashion Product research, TAM 318 Fashion Production procedures, TTM 510 Apparel tech Management

Current Journals

  1. Karpi, Y., & Hodge, G.L. (1999). Is fast Response the worldwide technique for the twenty-first Century?. Proceeding of the Textile Institute Annual meeting, 133-146.
  2. Little, T., & Heinje, R.K. (1998). Efficiency Actions for Apparel Production. Procedures associated with the 8th Global Izmir Textile and ApparelSymposium .
  3. Carrere, C., & White, T.J., & Albrecht, C. (1994). Optimizing the Introduction and Handling of Light Weight Fabrics in Garment Manufacture. Proceeding of this 5th Annual Apparel Research ConferenceLaFayette, LA .
  4. Minimal, T., & Little, T.J., & McPherson, E., & Clapp, T.G., & Seyam, A.M. (1993). An incident Learn in Apparel Automation. Proceedings of AAMA’s 20th Apparel Research Conference, 5 (3/4), 44-59.


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