Tex Tile

September 7, 2018

The American Textile background Museum houses the largest choices of its sort in the field. The textile and clothing selections feature everyday garments, textile samples, flat, finished fabrics, and attractive art items through the eighteenth century to the present. The tools & machinery collection includes pre-industrial artifacts and resources, commercial and driven devices, and office artifacts.

The Osborne Library includes a rich and extensive collection of imprinted, graphic and manuscript product interesting to researchers in a number of industries. The selections feature books, pamphlets, government documents, trade catalogs, advertising material, prints, photographs, and business documents that record the annals of textile manufacturing in the us.

The Chace Catalogue provides use of details about the United states Textile History Museum’s artifact collections while the Osborne Library’s substantial holdings. It is a-one of a form resource for historians of company, technology and labor, designers, spinners and weavers, architects, exhibit designers, filmmakers, textile workers and their loved ones, while the general public.