Textiles Design briefs

December 12, 2018
Assessment and Wagolls

gridcollage_180-02On Wednesday this week we were very happy to provide two brand-new ways for creatives to work on jovoto. These days we're proud to announce the initial result of this: the, a talent pool commissioned by our client, to work well with probably the most gifted textile and pattern manufacturers on jovoto.


Textile Orbit is a very carefully curated number of the best textile manufacturers and pattern designers on jovoto. The designers will be very carefully considered and chosen based on their profile and/or their submissions during the last two community textile design tasks on jovoto. The manufacturers who have recently been awarded the “Outstanding Textile Design” achievement badge (visible in your profile, instantly will undoubtedly be asked on pool. Congratulations to you!

What makes it unique?

If you're asked towards Textile Orbit, you can expect:

1) unique accessibility monthly textile design briefs (similar to synthetic Garden & Chinoiserie Chic)

2) doing work in a very professional environment along with other top-talent, indicating much better feedback, great possibilities to collaborate, also to study from various other talented developers;

3) The opportunity to take on a selected couple of to win as much as 5, 000€ in reward money per project and be accredited by major manner brands (100€ per license & 0, 20€ per produced meter).

4) Monthly trend forecasting through the well known & top trend agency Promostyl. Read more about this here!

5) a much deeper knowledge of the client, indicating you can easily design better and finally need to spend a shorter time prepping for every task.

I don’t have the badge, may I remain invited?

Yes! There are a total of 200 preliminary places when you look at the Textile Orbit and we have open positions! This is the way it is possible to apply:

How can I know if I’m in?

You'll get a personal message within jovoto inbox.

What happens after that?

1) Wednesday, July 8th – we'll start the process of inviting the first 200 textile designers to the Textile Orbit.

2) Tuesday, July 21st – we shall provide 1st creative quick for textile designers in Textile Orbit.

Here is the first talent pool of numerous on jovoto, stay tuned for information regarding the others!

Header image is a collage created from submissions within the last two textile design difficulties from: