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November 12, 2018
Angela Fraser | digital

bethBy guest writer Jacqueline Colley

Create! Digital Textile Design occurred during the V&A on 2nd May 2015. Designed and led by textile designer Jacqueline Colley, several eight students through the younger people’s programme worked as print manufacturers during the day producing repeat patterns for fashion and visualising their designs in garment sketches.

Referencing images from V&A’s archive collection and their determination materials, the group invested a time and drawing producing separate elements on a full page that may be used to build a repeat. Numerous created a few drawings that reflected their person and current interests. Conversational elements, such as for instance good fresh fruit and lollipops, had been popular although some had been thinking about foliage and butterflies.

This blog post highlights the final images made during the 1 day course.

suymaya40© Elizabeth McGowan

© Sumaya Chaudhary

© Jessie Brown

© Jasmine Fone

© Millie Carter

© Sophie Haigh

© Esme McGowan

I started by showing the pupils several stills exhibiting exactly how fashion designers use prints. As an example, the latest Marc by Marc Jacobs collection uses two designs by William Morris; an English textile designer linked to the Arts and Crafts motion. The styles date from 1875 yet they are nevertheless appropriate and exciting. I also referenced Jonathan Saunders use of Art Deco styles by Maurice Pillard Verneuil from 1897. He updated the prints by using contemporary ‘colour clash’ palette making a beautiful and classic printing modern and cool. We utilized these sources to show how cyclical design is and how it’s always helpful to turn to yesteryear for inspiration, for this reason the reason why fashion and textile developers flock into V&A as there's determination to be found in every corner.

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