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September 6, 2016
Of Selling Designer Drugs

eBayBy Bebefuzz

It's hard to sell designer items. You'll need the transaction is safe, while desire a reasonable cost for the item. There's some alternatives of the best place to sell your Chanel, Christian Louboutin, and Herve Leger. So, the reason why choose Lollipuff?

Consignment charges 30-60% associated with sale price; Lollipuff fees only 9per cent. EBay alongside resale websites cannot confirm credibility, making sellers at risk of false fake claims. Lollipuff provides third-party verification of the credibility of the item!

For an in-depth evaluation, read on.


Selling fees tend to be reasonable (about 9%-12per cent). Most on the web auction sites charge for so much more.

Nonetheless a standard problem is when a customer claims a traditional item as fake. This will be an awful knowledge! The eBay claims process usually takes as much as a few months and is tremendously stressful. Fundamentally, this might end in a lost product and lost repayment.

Additionally it is somewhat frustrating to see fakes sold alongside your authentic product. Occasionally, the fakes sell for only as much! Though there is a large number of people who will discover your listing, most of them cannot determine if your item is genuine.

The product sales procedure for e-bay was originally designed for cheaper deals. The way they deal with disputes is not ideal for higher priced fashion designer products. For-instance, it really is crazy that vendors cannot offer anything BUT good feedback to purchasers! The transaction of fashion designer goods needs to be operated in a different way.

eBay consignmenteBay Consignment

They're consignment shops that do the attempting to sell available on eBay. You receive hit making use of their costs (25-50percent) AND e-bay costs (9-12%) and PayPal costs (3-4per cent). And, quite often, they do not offer those items any more than you'll your self.

To sell something internet based, you just have to take photos, fill in an application and ship when it has been taken care of. Even though the e-bay offering kind is a bit clunky, it is not difficult and is rather quick. If you should be coping with a consignment shop that offers on e-bay, you will still need to ship or deliver that item in their mind and fill out an application. :P

Other Consignment outside e-bay (online and offline)

Once more, you will get a great deal never as money than you'll if you sell it your self. Many people literally feel scammed after going through the consignment procedure. Because consignment services need to pay for their resources and time, and because they wish a guaranteed sale, the costs are very high (usually 30-60%). This is the reason why many computer wise people still make use of eBay to offer their particular products. And, numerous on line consignment stores won't even take your things, unless you are a recognised company!

With consignment, the most typical complaints are how little cash you obtain for the item (or just how much they keep). Another problem is that it could simply take a VERY while to offer your item. Occasionally, over a year! I'm not sure about you, but I do not desire to be away from my very costly item for the lengthy and wait that lengthy to be paid! It's NOT much easier than selling it your self. You've kept to fill out a questionnaire, ship or provide the item on consignment store, and talk to the consignment shop. It's also significantly worrisome having your item not be is likely to ownership before payment is finished.

ConsignmentFinally, cannot assume that most items at consignment stores (online and offline) are authentic. It's impossible to authenticate hundreds if not a large number of different designers without many verification experts. I seen fakes on the market by consignment shops traditional and on the web. The greater amount of a consignment shop is targeted on particular manufacturers, the greater reputable they tend is. If any website claims 100% credibility but have a great deal of various brands, I would be somewhat suspicious.


Bonanza is by far the cheapest at 3.5percent! Unfortunately, they will have exactly the same risks as e-bay. But, they've got an additional issue that e-bay doesn't have. Their particular biggest problem is the sheer number of folks buying vs. attempting to sell on the site. In the last year, Bonanza has offered only 1 Herve Leger. The Lollipuff visitors also said so it took over one-year for starters of her what to sell on the system!


Eventually, we have saved the most popular for final. *psst... we're perhaps not biased... lol.*

Lollipuff was made specifically to fix the problems We have discussed in this article in order for investing luxury goods may be safe and easy. I've seen and handled these problems first-hand and created Lollipuff to fill out the gaps. Lollipuff is something that personally thought ended up being lacking. So long as need to be an authenticator to get amazing deals on deluxe items, and vendors can enjoy additional protection, fair prices, and really serious purchasers.

Of this 350 deals finished by my previous blog site, we had 0 fake dilemmas. There were only 2 returns, and no one previously destroyed their particular item. Deals were really smooth, especially versus eBay. Thus far, Lollipuff has been on course to-be better yet.

Functions built into Lollipuff were designed with your safety and pleasure at heart. The largest difference is the fact that we authenticate every single product before you start, so sellers get an additional level of protection. Purchasers also provide the self-confidence that products are authentic. Another special functions consist of available conversations for each listing, sizing guidance any time you need it, positive and negative comments both for purchasers and sellers, and non-payment charges.

Customer support is paramount on Lollipuff. We remain behind our buyers and vendors. None of our vendors or purchasers would claim that we don't give them the utmost attention.

Our selling fee is a rather low 9%, and just relates if the item sells. Usually, we are no-cost.

Our selling form can be as easy as it gets! Just one web page, and you're done!

Finally, our neighborhood is amazing! Quite a few users are authentication experts and! Because we track the experience and items on our site so closely, it obviously lures even more honest users and really serious fashion designer lovers. A website is nothing without a fantastic audience. It is something which I truly hold dear to my heart!

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