Fashion and Textile Designing

March 6, 2018
Two year diploma in fashion

Our brilliant and modern-day design studio offers exceptional access to workshop facilities and is a creative, humming atmosphere where you will communicate with staff along with other students. Alongside this, the Eldon manufacturing Centre provides lazercutting, 3D printing and digital material printing. The photographic workshops and computer rooms have become well equipped, including Macs and PCs running up-to-date industry-standard software.


Our exemplary workshops can cater to whatever project you're focusing on, all sustained by competent specialists. The sewing workshop provides pattern-cutting facilities, a selection of industrial sewing machines including digital embroidery, whilst the fabric printing workshop allows you to explore a selection of textile practices.

University Library

Modern, comfortable and outstanding discovering environment, our library provides a great deal of information including 400, 000 publications, DVDs, maps and tens of thousands of on the web ejournals and magazines. Numerous electronic sources are available anywhere, 24/7 and our friendly staff are often on hand to greatly help.

Guest Speakers

We arrange a diverse programme of visitor speakers to encourage aspiration and industry understanding. Recent speakers consist of: David Longshaw (clothier), Caryn Franklin (Journalist and Fashion Commentator), WGSN (Trend Forecasting Company), Federica Tedeschi (Textile Designer).

Phoebe Quare, BA (Hons) Fashion and Textile Design pupil

Everyone loves involved in the print room – its someplace in which we are able to talk about and share our ideas, as well as the rooms are roomy enough for us to set completely our work and textile.

Phoebe Quare, BA (Hons) Fashion and Textile Design pupil

Budgeting for the researches

You will find additional costs associated with studying, that you simply will have to start thinking about whenever planning your spending.

Suggested texts:
If you wish to purchase suggested texts, without borrow from the University Library, the common pricing is £50-£60. You might be studying to 6 products a year, each with a standard suggested text.

Basic prices:
We advice which you budget £75 a-year for costs of photocopying, memory sticks, DVDs and CDs, printing costs, binding and professional publishing.

Last year task:
If your last 12 months includes an important task, there might be cost for transportation or accommodation about pursuit activities. The quantity will depend on the project you choose to develop.

Other prices to consider

We Shall supply you with a publishing allowance however may incur extra printing prices on portfolio work of approximately £100 - £200. Material and production prices on a project change from around £100 - £500 per year.

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