RISD Textiles

January 5, 2018
RISD Textiles 9 | Flickr

imageThe l, an inviting show who has changed Woods-Gerry Gallery into an abundant tapestry of question because it unsealed on November 19, concerns an in depth on Sunday, December 6.

The show highlights the best woven, printed and machine-knit pieces developed by both undergraduate and graduate students previously 3 years.

Textiles used for attire and furnishings – along with freeform sculptural pieces suspended from roof as well as a video installation – share similar room, showing the multifaceted dimensions regarding the medium.

“The variety into the display is very interesting, ” notes junior . “It’s a testament into versatile function and application of design, fibers and also the end purpose of fabric.”

agrees that work is revolutionary regarding design and total function, noting that “it’s interesting to observe people are capable convert the fine art aspect of the medium into fabric.”

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