Caitlin Wilson blog

May 25, 2018
Behind the Blog with Caitlin

ABOUTI’m a passionate interior designer, partner, and mother. Originally through the san francisco bay area Bay region, we spent my youth with a love for stunning art and design. I began Caitlin Wilson Design in 2007 and also already been endowed with great success designing rooms all around the globe- from Oregon to New York, Dubai on Cayman Islands. Launched on classic design maxims, my aesthetic is advanced & unique but is not restricted to one style. We embrace all of my client’s characters to help them achieve their home’s biggest potential. Pattern & shade tend to be my strength additionally the basis which I generate my distinguishable, signature interiors.

When my husband’s work took us overseas for 2 years, my business continued to develop as I practiced life in London, Dubai, and Hong-Kong. I was richly motivated by our travels; the standard habits associated with the center East and Asia began to fill my head with a few ideas of textile design. Through some amazing events, I was able to design my very own collection of materials & cushions. Created with effortless pairing in mind, my textiles effortlessly enliven spaces in a cohesive fashion designer fashion.

Designing exquisite areas for my clients is my enthusiasm and increasing my three young ones, Olivia, Penn and Chloe, is my best joy. My part as a mother features influenced my want to create beautiful yet livable areas in which households can enjoy & cherish their particular time at home.