K State Merchandise

July 23, 2016
Basketball Gameday - KSU

Belk Sarah Rowe image Assistant Buyer/Assistant Planner

Upon receiving her degree in clothing and fabrics with a focus in attire advertising and marketing and minor running a business, Sarah took part in a Dallas and New York research trip with Dr. Joy Kozar. Sarah served couple of years inside Apparel advertising and Design Alliance committee, and ended up being the AMDA style tv show coordinator during the woman junior 12 months. She worked as a sales connect at Varney's in clothing and gifts and completed her internship at Gucci in new york.

She became a product sales help professional at Fossil in Dallas, Tx. There she maintained acquisition purchases when it comes to business markets unit and Michael Kors and Fossil jewelry purchases with level department stores. From there she moved to Charlotte, new york, to exert effort at Belk as a merchandise assistant towards Designer Handbag and Brighton buying workplace. Sarah had been recently acknowledged to the Executive Trainee system that will transition the girl into an assistant purchaser or assistant planner part springtime of 2015.