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July 9, 2017
Textile Engineering, Chemistry
Fashion Merchandising & Design

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The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Textile and Apparel: Designer program provides students with advanced abilities in approaches for dyeing, artwork, printing, digital embroidery programs and building methods for materials. Completers of this certificate will enter the fashion industry at entry level positions with an awareness of the applied textile design business and/or the capability to develop custom materials.

Program Requirements

TEC111 or TEC125 or authorization of system Director

Program Sequence by Term

The following is a suggested course series by-term for path. Pupils need to keep at heart those items below that affect their particular success in completing the pathway as detailed:

  • The program sequence is outlined by suggested term. Its understood that students may enter the system at different occuring times of the year.
  • Educational success is related to preliminary course placement based on program positioning examinations, completion of 100-200 level program pre-/corequisites, any programs below 100 amount, and program prerequisites.
  • Pupils should meet with an academic advisor, or system manager, or therapist who are able to help out with assessing student requires that will influence course enrollment. Appropriate sources is talked about and agreed to being deal with student requirements and help successful program completion.

System Region Key:

  • Crucial Rdg = Crucial Reading
  • FYC = Very First 12 Months Structure
  • HUM = Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Mathematics = Mathematics
  • NS = Natural Research
  • Oral Comm = Oral Communication
  • PP = Program Prerequisite
  • SB = Personal & Behavioral Sciences
  • RC = Needed Classes
  • RE = Limited Electives

Pupils must make a grade of "C" or better for several classes required inside the program.

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Ask general concerns over the phone at 480-461-7400 or via online talk.


All information is administered because of the Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation at Maricopa County Community College District and published is susceptible to change with no warning. Every work is built to make sure the accuracy of data presented, but in line with the dynamic nature of this curricular process, program and program info is at the mercy of improvement in order to mirror probably the most existing information available.

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