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June 4, 2018
40+ Places to Sell Your

change your design into a card by selling it to a card organization.Turn your design into a card by selling it to a card organization.


If you're an artist or graphic fashion designer, you may be capable of making cash by offering your art or styles to a minute card company. The company uses the design on cards and supply both a one-time fee the design or a sum considering just how much the card sells. You may sell your credit card styles using the internet on cards that are printed to purchase.


Consult a novel like "Artist's marketplace" or any other help guide to learn which businesses accept minute card design submissions. The guide will show you exactly what each company looks for in a design so that you'll know whether your artwork is a match. It will also let you know where to send your submissions and exactly how much each organization pays if it purchases your designs or artwork.

Step Two

Research minute card organizations online to learn their submitting demands if you fail to see them in helpful tips. Remember the larger companies may not take unsolicited submissions.

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Step 3

Load your designs onto a CD to send to organizations. It is possible to print your designs and send all of them towards the companies. Never send your just copy of a design or even the initial. It may get lost within the mail or a company may well not send it back.

Step 4

Write a resume cover letter introducing your self along with your artwork or designs to your company. Integrate your contact information regarding the cover letter. If you want to have the CD or copies straight back, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope together with your cover letter. Place sufficient postage regarding the envelope so that your designs allow it to be back to you.

Step 5

Sign up for a website that allows one to publish your styles to cards also items and sell all of them directly to consumers. If you wish to begin your personal online store, you put the purchase price for your handmade cards, on the basis of the base price when it comes to cards provided by the company. Set a good price so customers will buy your cards.

Things Needed

  • Artist's Market book or other help guide to businesses that acquisition designs
  • Computer with Net Connection
  • Cd
  • Card stock or other paper
  • Printer
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