Historical Textile designers

August 23, 2017
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SPARKTextile developers prepare and develop habits, knit and weave building, prints, textures and illustrations for textiles as well as other materials that need the introduction of patterned surfaces. They plan just how a fabric seems and executes.

They design the dwelling of this fabric and also make decisions about appropriate yarns, color use, surface patterning, surface and finishing.

Textile designers develop textiles found in furnishings, soft furnitures, garments, vehicles and products such as for instance baggage. They are able to use the same abilities towards the improvement patterns for wallpapers, laminates and patterned plastic materials.

They design textiles to satisfy advertising and marketing and manufacturing demands. They balance aesthetic and functional aspects, they look at the nature of yarn types, thicknesses, loads and textures to produce fabrics to cost and manufacturing limitations.

They prepare design principles and assess all of them for market viability. They resolve the principles into artworks and guidelines ideal for multiple textile production and printing practices. They develop color specs and multiple colourways for ranges of materials. They communicate with manufacturing and manufacturing workers to solve details for manufacture.

They advise and liaise with other people which work with sectors in which it is crucial to anticipate future color styles. They track styles in sectors particularly interior decorating, automotive design and manner and progressively evolve textile styles to fulfill these certain needs.

ANZSCO (2006) occupation signal - no unique rule. Textile design is a specialised form of professional design ANZSCO 232312.

What you’ll study

  • Design Concept & Practise
  • Correspondence Abilities
  • Materials & Media
  • Fabric Printing Processes
  • Weaving & Knitting Buildings
  • Design Record
  • Presentation Practices
  • Example
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Company Management
  • Manufacturing Processes

Where you’ll work

  • Clothing Businesses
  • Textile Manufacturing Businesses
  • Design Consultancies
  • Designer/Maker Workshops
  • One-man Shop
  • Fabric Wholesalers
  • Automotive Colour & Trim Departments

Other areas you’ll find work

  • Fabric Importers & Distributors
  • Design Knowledge
  • Emporium Fabric Buyers

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