Scottish Textile Designers

October 3, 2018
Elizabeth Martin

36I was able to do an image shoot into the Reid Building at Glasgow class of Art before our final submitting and manner program. It had been really good to understand collection all together and view how things worked collectively.

It had been important for my collection to-be produced from wool, and I also had been specially keen to use my neighborhood Shetland wool. Since my collection was for Autumn/Winter you can observe when you look at the pictures below that Shetland wool works perfectly when it comes to heavier body weight garments.

In 2010 I also must design the shape of garment as well as the fabric. When I was weaving my own materials I was thinking it might be best to keep these quite simple. The images above shows the initial concept tips of how I could convert my artworks and fabric a few ideas about the clothes that I would go on generate.

img030The second phase which were only available in February and went through to your end of May ended up being a busy time. Sampling and creating Toiles for review, and thinking thoroughly about what I wanted my collection to look like. As I had previously just produced examples for collections it absolutely was so exciting to see these ideas establishing on into clothes. As phase two nevertheless had many experimentation with it, i believe it had been the absolute most exciting part of the year.

Phase three, the last phase, had been a rather busy time, but additionally a great success. From Summer until mid August we had the make and create our selections. We planned out that i might have about fourteen days for each appearance, to weave the fabric then put together the apparel. By weaving each glance at a time, suggested that i really could change my some ideas and add brand new discoveries as I moved.


I am back in Shetland for a couple of months having a rest and also doing work for Jamieson and Smith, the Shetland Wool Brokers in Lerwick. I've a few things up my sleeve for the next few months therefore keep an eye out for changes!


As guaranteed, this is actually the next improvement of what I’ve been around lately:

Once I wove a couple of different heavy-weight warps for my coat tips that I revealed in my own final blog, (Weaving and more weaving…) I was thinking it could be advisable that you do some less heavy weight materials that could be applied for the shirt form which I have developed.
I have 2 different coat forms, and my clothing will hopefully sit beautiful underneath all of them. Im truly interested in layering, particularly when I am thinking about the Shetland climate, layering is paramount to maintaining warm. Here are a few shots for the jacket Toiles I have produced:

32 -My Jacket Toiles: believe huge slightly oversized shapes, different sleeve lengths exposing layers.-

Before I go on to demonstrate a few of the lightweight textile some ideas, this course has actually opened up a totally brand new means of working for me personally. Before i've simply produced samples as an element of a fabric collection which only needed to be fabric samples. This could be challenging enough, trying to get tints, habits and various design ideas to be cohesive and create a standard visual. Therefore realizing that my textiles need certainly to act as tips for style was a learning curve. I have discovered that breaking up both different areas into sections, Textiles and Shape and Silhouette, is actually helpful like in Stage One I made a decision just what each area would-be focused on, and today in Stage Two, We have began to observe that the 2 various places are beginning to cross.
Lightweight fabric sampling: Maintaining outlines and gradients in your mind –

-Quick Sketches: exploring a few ideas for shirt patterns.-

By trying never to reveal an excessive amount of, I hope this provides an understanding in the procedure for that I have always been working, and where things might be going next….

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