Fabric Print Design Ideas

February 1, 2016
Grow Fabric Printing Ideas

Sometimes it is hard to find that perfect boyish material you’re finding. Perhaps you can’t find it because you’re not yes what you’re shopping for. Or possibly you wish the boy’s section had as many choices as girl’s? Maybe it can.

Final CTB, I shared a post about finding Fabrics for BOYS. And today we’re going to go one step more. If you can’t find the appropriate fabric….why not create your very own? ! And let’s begin making.
Soon you’ll have a wall surface full of brand new textile choices.
Very first some records on Fabric and Paint:
Today it could be awesome to own a real display screen printing kit in order to make professional looking things. Some time I’ll tackle it. But for now I’m nonetheless doing it poor man’s style with quick paint, freezer paper, tape, etc. You might say though, it seems easier. If you’ve never ever caused textile paint or freezer paper, read my tutorial HERE.

In the event that you don’t have fabric paint you need to use Acrylic paint, which will be really affordable and is available in every color possible (metallics also). When utilizing acrylic paint on textile, but’s good to mix in a Fabric Medium such as this to really make the paint a bit gentler for wash and wear. needless to say if you’re antsy like me you'll just color a shirt without one, as well as your daughter will still love it.

Follow the directions on straight back associated with the Medium bottle but usually you blend 2 components paint to 1 component method. And I’ve unearthed that old infant food containers are excellent for little paint tasks!
Additionally, take into account that paint and markers respond differently to any or all forms of textile. Lightweight fabrics will seep up decorate rapidly, while firmly woven textiles like canvas keep carefully the paint right on the top So just experiment with whatever woven and knit scraps you have got around till you discover everything fancy.

Some of those projects will work for an entire bit of textile, something you are able to chop up and work out into a set of short pants, a case, or a jacket. However are more effective on a little piece of material to use as a pocket or applique.

Oh….and a blowdryer is wonderful for drying out the paint in order to rapidly peel away and admire the latest appearance.

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