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October 23, 2018
If you liked what you saw

Marie Perkins, perhaps better-known by her alias Bowie Style, could be the imaginative genius behind the popular weblog & guide, Print & Pattern ( that celebrates the field of surface pattern design. Inkjet Designs could be the title of Marie’s freelance design studio where she licenses her art for handmade cards, gift wrap, stationery, and much more. Marie really loves bold structure design from sixties & 70s, and the quality and user friendliness of Scandinavian design. Marie describes her pseudonym within the book’s intro:

"When I signed up towards the blog pc software I made the decision to make use of a pseudonym, to stay anonymous, and glanced around the room for a notion. I experienced a unique guide during the time, about my hero David Bowie, labeled as Bowie design, and thought that would do nicely. Minimal performed I know many years later on that name Bowie would stick."

Print & Pattern Book One was released inside Spring of 2010 and includes the job & bios of 120 designers, including Robert Kaufman’s very own Ann Kelle & Amy Schimler. Through the guide:

"Print & Pattern is an artistic special event of modern surface design. Compiled by the creator for the cult weblog of the same title, this book documents the job of the finest area designers from around the planet."

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