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October 16, 2015
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Work by Katy BirchallTextile design is a multidisciplinary program that totally combines theory with repetition through method of textiles. We give attention to live dilemmas and research-led training. Through this, you can expect to utilize and develop your understanding of craft, products and design. This will enable you to demonstrate a vital comprehension of fabrics within the framework of wearable and interior items. You'll study at Duncan of Jordanstone university of Art and Design (DJCAD), area of the University of Dundee.

Textile Design at Dundee

Our pupils look at the huge variety of techniques fabrics can be used within community.

The reason why research Textile Design at Dundee?

Textile design at Dundee offers you the chance to explore textile design in an extensive sense. We shall encourage you to definitely start thinking about both practical and appropriate means culture makes use of textiles.

You will learn and develop visual and practical abilities. You will repeat this through creating and checking out a varied range of products. The program will reveal one to cutting edge technologies. These will enhance your making procedures. This will help you to build exceptional technical, sensory and aesthetic knowledge. Applying this to colour, structure, structure and texture inside work.

We develop pupils just who, through a selection of applications, can contextualise practical understanding therefore the ornamental philosophy this is certainly built-in within textile design. This can include developing innovative design ideas and prototypes for business. Moreover it requires exploring the techniques practical knowledge will help resolve problems including sustainability, the aging populace and criminal activity.

Fabrics are similar to domesticity and body, but we will motivate you to glance at all of them when you look at the broadest good sense. You are earnestly urged to challenge perceived meanings within these traditional variables and beyond.

Did You Know?

  • Graduate Hayley Scanlan won younger Designer of the Year in the 2012 Scottish Fashion Awards

Still from fabrics movieAt the end of the program you'll be able to to:

  • think assertively yourself
  • understand what you have learned on the course
  • present design ideas in a specialist method
  • demonstrate a confident and appropriate usage of a selection of textile procedures and products
  • know how textile design is used in a contemporary framework


  • tend to be imaginative
  • are interested in design
  • are interested in researching past and present textile design places
  • enjoy drawing and photography
  • are interested in exploring a variety of products
  • like to make things making use of hands/technology/machinery
  • always engage with contemporary culture in other words. style, trends and technologies

You need to:

  • discover ways to design
  • have actually a profession in a textiles relevant industry
  • develop yourself in a supportive environment
  • participate a thrilling university with great student facilities

Find out about DJCAD

Textile Design Showreel from DJCAD pupils in the University of Dundee.

Listed below are the minimal, up to date entry demands.

You need to get your skills on first sitting of examination.

All individuals must send a comprehensive portfolio of art and design work. The skills listed can be modified for an applicant showing an extraordinary profile.

Students tend to be selected by evaluating the articles of a profile of work that will communicate a way of measuring creative, practical skill and intellectual/enthusiastic involvement when you look at the training of art and design.

Advanced Entry (to Degree 2)

Certification Grade
SQA Advanced Higher BB (Advanced Higher) + BB (greater) in various subjects
IB Diploma 34 things (including 6, 6, 5, at high rate)
Crucial Subjects Art and Design, or related topic (at SQA Advanced Higher, GCE A-Level, IB higher-level), the right literate subject (at SQA Advanced Higher, GCE an amount, IB advanced) and something other subject outside art & design topics (at SQA Higher, GCE an even, IB higher rate).
EU & Global
Various Other Qualifications
SQA A recognised Foundation program or a relevant HND with BB into the Graded Units
Scottish Baccalaureate Pass with BB at Advanced Higher
SWAP Access
EDEXCEL A recognised Foundation Course or another BTEC long Diploma with DDM
Advanced Diploma Grade B with ASL A-levels in proper subjects at AB
Welsh Baccalaureate Pass with A-levels in appropriate topics at AB
European Baccalaureate 75% total with 7.5 in an art form & Design subject and 7.5 in a literate subject

English Language Requirement

For non EU pupils

IELTS In General 6.0
Listening 5.5

English Language Programmes

We offer Pre-Sessional and Foundation Programme(s) throughout every season. They are built to prepare you for college study in the united kingdom when you've got maybe not however came across the language needs for direct entry onto a degree programme.

How you will be taught

One-to-one tuition and small team talks and critiques would be the most crucial top features of training which offer essential discussion between students and staff.

Mastering does occur within a powerful available studio where personal communication, peer and group understanding and inter-year involvement contributes to a stimulating environment. Become familiar with through a variety of lectures, tutorials, research and self-initiated projects.

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