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July 24, 2017
Surface Decoration 03

Year 7

Students focus on two different design briefs. The very first is ‘Mors bags’. This helps students to comprehend the necessity for recycling, the increasing number of fabric bags additionally the explanations they've been therefore popular, whilst considering ecological issues. This project enables students to develop their particular confidence with using a sewing device, whilst studying construction abilities.
The second task is a Pop Art inspired bag. Pupils develop their particular comprehension of Pop Art, looking specifically at Andy Warhol. The project makes it possible for them to develop their particular research skills on multiple tasks before designing and building their particular creating skills.

Students utilize a selection of attractive techniques including: a resist technique, block printing, transfer artwork, a resist technique and hand decoration to assist them to meet with the needs of this quick.

Year 8

In Year 8 students get to further develop their knowledge, comprehension and capability within textiles this time working on attaching methods.
Once more, pupils work with two briefs. Firstly, it works with oil fabric or PVC, studying the annals and intent behind the fabric, before recapping their particular sewing-machine abilities and creating a basic pencil case or makeup bag. Students recap construction skills (plain seams and solitary hems), along with utilizing habits, cutting fabric accurately and mastering how-to place a zip correctly.
Leading on out of this mini task, pupils full analysis tasks centered on their particular main quick- singer prompted cushions. Through this project pupils view 6 different musicians and artists, before selecting 1 musician to base their particular project on.image students will continue to study, finishing tasks such moodboards and reality data, before building design tips with full annotation.
Students then separately develop your final product making use of a minimum of 4 ornamental methods. Pupils develop samples prior to their particular last product and so have actually a wider variety of decorative practices available to all of them than they did in 12 months 7.
Method options include:
  • A resist technique,
  • Applique/ Reverse applique
  • Hand decoration
  • An easy method (fabric crayon, transfer crayon, cloth pen)
  • Direct paint
  • Transfer paint
  • Hand embellishment/Hand embroidery
When embellished students will place a fastening technique- some pupils opt to perfect their particular zip insertion abilities, while other individuals opt for a fresh technique for instance applying a button and button-hole. In terms of building, students should add a piped seam so they have a greater purchase strategy- that is great planning for GCSE.

12 Months 9

During Year 9, students create upon existing skills in addition to building a new range of skills based on equipment. This task is a fashion based task ‘Dress a woman around the world’. This project in addition connects to recycling (a pillowcase), building technical skills, and making a dress for 3-8 year olds in a developing country.
Pupils benefit from the difficulties of meeting a ‘real’ brief. In the beginning of the project pupils are introduced to your charity and complete a range of analysis jobs to assist them to to fully meet up with the needs regarding the quick.
The textile made use of is a pillowcase- this can be recycled (to link to environmental problems), durability and...
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