Designing Patterns for fabric

May 5, 2017
How to Design Fabric

Hello hello. thank-you Grace for having me this week! I'm very excited to be here. Besides introducing you to definitely some cool performers, giving sneak peeks and prior to and afters of some friends domiciles, and sharing my personal favorite brand new item locates, I was thinking it will be good to share with you a few of the things I have discovered along the way to be a illustrator/pattern designer.

The concerns we usually get emailed is -how can you make a perform pattern? I was thinking it would be fun today to do just a little tutorial showing you the way quick its despite having a tremendously complex drawing. And you also don’t even require a pc! (it's my job to do my repeats on the computer but these days I’m carrying it out the way I was very first taught.) Here’s the old-fashioned means of making a tile-able design:

On a clean sheet of paper draw a design betwixt your report without permitting any of the drawing touch the sides- this is very important. (I am going to draw lions and vine-y things- an influence from final months stop by at the American Folk Art museum in nyc.)

Once you finish the center room as much as you desire you are going to cut your drawing-in half- frightening I'm sure- but that is why computer systems tend to be helpful. Once you've the two pieces flip them and tape your drawing back collectively. Put the tape from the straight back for the paper so that it does not impair your drawing after all later. In addition try to tape your design back collectively as perfectly lined up as possible. It’s challenging see that I’ve even taped mine since I’ve lined it very well.

Next you will reduce your drawing in 1 / 2 again the other way- (yikes!) and flip those pieces and tape all of them straight back collectively. Today your design ought to be on all sides just along with a huge center white room. Today fill this room with the rest of design. Bear in mind again- don't draw to your associated with the edges of this paper.

Once you finish completing all of the components you need to fill in at this point you get repeatable tile. You might color this tile and then xerox it many times and fall into line your design- plaster it in your walls while making wallpaper. My goal is to cheat and do the final color actions when you look at the computer system to finish up my design. My goal is to scan my drawing, take it into Adobe Illustrator, shade and perform it indeed there.