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March 11, 2017
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Career counsellor and columnist Usha Albuquerque responses to queries of students in this line.

I have dropped a year and didn't clear the pre-medical test (PMT) just last year. I'm interested in pursuing a career in textile designing when I don’t would you like to waste another year by firmly taking PMT. Can I drop another year and attempt for PMT again or can I take-up textile designing in an exclusive ­institute?

- Shruti Sharma

The PMT is among the toughest entrance examinations to crack, which countless pupils with strong interest and motivation cannot clear. Therefore, I think your parents must realize that with your decreased motivation, it is useless wasting another 12 months on a test you are not likely to obvious, and a vocation that you can don't have a lot of interest. When you yourself have artistic talent and imaginative sensibility you can consider a career in textile design.

Textile designing has great range with spaces for people which range from technologists to stylists to product sales and advertising and marketing people. You can find developing options with government sponsored and private silk, handloom, khadi, jute and art development organisations, and with hosiery and residence furnishing export products largely centered around Panipat, Tirupur and Coimbatore.

As a textile fashion designer, it is possible to make use of a proven fashion designer or with an export house dealing with marketing and advertising or merchandising of garments. Another big option could be of self-employment or starting your own socket. Degree programs in textile design can be found at numerous establishments.

I've pursued BA (pass) from Delhi University and completed a two-year diploma in nursery major teacher instruction from nationwide Academy of Teachers Training. However, I don’t have knowledge also could not clear my Central Teacher Eligibility Test. Are we eligible to discover are a nursery or major instructor in federal government schools or any recognised community schools based on CBSE norms?

- Ziba Kazi

It is vital that instructors have correctly trained before they begin working as a primary/elementary instructors and offer adequate mastering possibilities that facilitate optimum development and development. Selection for a teacher’s task in main government schools is dependent on the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) and in condition governing bodies regarding Teacher Eligibility Test. You are able to re-appear inside entry exam. The qualifications necessity is senior additional school certificate or advanced or its comparable, and bachelor of elementary education, or diploma or certificate in fundamental teachers’ education of no less than couple of years. Significantly more than scholastic documents, individual skills and aptitude are more essential for teachers.

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