Flower Patterns for fabric Painting

August 28, 2015
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Painting-Flowers-Quilt-Picture-1It’s constantly nice to sew a fairly flowery quilt for summer time, and Painting Flowers fabrics tends to make such a new summer quilt.

The Painting Flowers collection is a restricted edition, but the quilt pattern can perhaps work with any fabric.
The straightforward quilt blocs makes a kind of organiced chaos patchwork and is useful if you utilize larger bolder pattens on the bigger pieces, after which smaller patterns in the smaller pieces.

The quilt steps 80, 5 x 51 inches (201, 25 x 127, 5 cm)

The quilt block includes 4 different sized rectangle shapes.Painting-Flowers-Quilt-1 The measurements are in inches and a 1/4 inch seem allowance has already been added. The rectangels when you look at the block is pieced together in a variety of ways.

Here are the pieces you need to make the whole quilt top. The letters referes to the dimensions abow, components labeled as A are 5 x 3, 5 inches an such like. The amount shows how many you may need.Painting-Flowers-Quilt-2 understand that seem allowance has already been added to the measurements.

The rectangles tend to be then pieced together in numerous how to make two larger blocs. The letters teaches you where different sized pieces get.

You may need six of block 1, three of block 2, and then tree blocs that are the equivalent of the most truly effective half of block 2.
As you can see block 2 is a mirror image of block 1.

Section all the blocs together as shown below, as well as your quilt top is prepared.

We recommend utilizing the “Summer Floral Blue on White” for backing, and “Nelly green” for the edge. The quilting is done by a specialist quilting servise.

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