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October 21, 2016
New Blue Nigeria design

Welcome to our factory

Making textile and garments from a normal fiber like Merino is an extremely hands-on procedure. Sophisticated equipment is only able to do this much, the rest hinges on skilled individuals make decisions through the procedure. And it also takes many years of experience to make the right people. This is why we, at Designer Textiles International, can proudly declare that no other organization worldwide gets the depth of experience we now have about Merino. From the manufacturing floor right through to senior administration we've those who have already been around for over three decades. Individuals whose understanding of Merino is exclusive and invaluable regarding building, testing and producing high end Merino garments. We pioneered most techniques that are today widely acknowledged as benchmarks for quality Merino manufacturing which is our continued research innovation that entitles united states is labelled ‘The Merino Specialists’.

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