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November 30, 2016
Create your own fabric_fabric

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Here i am going to demonstrate a simple and affordable method to create your very own fabric pieces. No significance of big displays, squeegees, and emulsion. Beautiful prints can be made up of quick techniques and materials. Most of the products are household items while the rest can be bought at neighborhood art or craft store. Click below for the how-to:

What you will require:

*2-3 yards 1/4" Foam
*Fabric (for the images and an address cloth)
*Textile Inks (can be found at your neighborhood art store)
*Scotch Tape
*T-pins or Sewing Pins
*Plastic Folders or Tray
*Exact o Knife
*Contact Paper (transparent)
*Rubber Bands
*Stamps (optional)

Start by organizing your print area. We have a portable print dining table, you could make your very own with some ingenuity. Cut-off about a 9" strip of foam (save this concerning later). Take the bigger piece and place it in your dining table, a fold out card table is best suited. Cut the foam by means of the table. Bring your large cover fabric (verify it doesnt have a textured weave) and place it over your foam and dining table. Safe each corner to your knee of the dining table by tying or taping, just make sure its tight (iron your fabric to ensure there are no lines and wrinkles or folds).

Now you can bring your fabric and pin it to your printing dining table. Within my examples I use a organic cotton fiber muslin and a cotton/linen blend. Start by pinning the centers of each side and work your path on sides. We space my pins about 5". After that tape each advantage, addressing your pins and. I also used tape to divide my printing area into three quadrants.

Now comes the fun component... producing your designs! Get out your contact report and start sketching. Bold shapes work great and are pretty very easy to draw and cut out. Take off a sizable bit of contact paper, about 12"x12" is very effective, and cut right out your design making use of a precise o blade. Think of the contact paper as stencil for the design. Save the forms you cut-out, you should use those aswell!
I am obsessing over triangles lately therefore here's one of my stencils:
Following the paper is peeled through the contact paper place it in your fabric:

Now take-out the additional little bit of foam you reserve. Cut it into 4 - 5 square pieces. Fold the corners of this foam collectively and secure with a rubber musical organization as shown below. They're your printing poofs.

Take-out your textile pigments and blend as desired. I use small Tupperware bins and spatulas to mix my unique colors. Pour out only a little dab on your plastic tray. Use your dauber, poofy as I call it, and dab and soon you have a consistent coating.

Put your contact report (sticky part down) where desired on the fabric and begin dabbing the ink.

I take advantage of the contact paper triangles I cut-out from my design on right to form a brand new pattern back at my material regarding the remaining. Go your stencil around your textile to produce extremely awesome patterns.
Take to various things like stamps, daubing through lace, and layering different stencils. Enable each printing to dried out in the middle layers.

I hand-cut a rubber stamp and tried it to produce this repeating structure.

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