Textile Sciences

December 24, 2015

The 2 significant aspects of study in clothes and Textile Sciences at Otago tend to be real and person. Into the real area, discussion and experimentation focus on the inter-relationships among properties of fibres, yarns and materials and garment/product design, system procedures, and performance; human body measurements pertaining to apparel fit, design, procedures and performance; and assessment and acceptability of clothing and materials.

When you look at the real human location, discussion and research concentrate on definition, category and concept of dress within a social and historical framework; theoretical perspectives; the personal, social, historic and economic features of gown; dress as content tradition; and clothing production, advertising and distribution.

Undergraduate study

Clothing and Textile Sciences is offered as an important topic for research within undergraduate amount within the needs the Bachelor of Science and/or Bachelor of Applied Science degrees.

The amount you select affects other documents available to help your clothes and Textile Sciences significant and certainly will affect your job choices.

Postgraduate research

Postgraduate Study exists at Doctorate, Master, Postgraduate Diploma and Honours levels. The particular level appropriate for your requirements will depend on your current qualifications and goals.

If you're contemplating learning for a postgraduate certification in Clothing and Textile Science be sure to browse the study areas, theses games and journals number to see if these match your interests. Then see the more information provided here.

For more information about individual reports be sure to see course information sheets (PDF) below:

Some postgraduate programs for instance the two-year masters is offered both on campus and through the length teaching community enabling students to understand from home. This gives students who aren't resident in Dunedin to enrol for postgraduate courses also to learn part-time from their home city. One distance taught report as well as other expert reports, operating for your scholastic year, are offered every year.

In 2016 the paper agreed to pupils who would like to study on residence is CLTE453, analysis means of assessment of garments and textiles. This paper explores many strategy groups and their application into the study of clothes, fabrics in use plus assessment of overall performance. Variety of techniques is examined as it is application, analysis, and stating explanation of results. Important factors for all those involved with selection of products for both expert and regular usage, when you look at the preservation of products, and in the search for superiority in overall performance be that personal, product or life pattern durability.

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General informative data on enrolment procedures can be acquired, as it is information for international pupils, on division and University pages

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