Textile Design courses Melbourne

July 4, 2018
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From Fashion to floristry, example to interiors, Melbourne Polytechnic’s art and design divisions provide you with the best in education for a career in arts.

Our nationwide accredited programs are taught by business professionals and known at work. Build your imaginative practice and increase your talent as a future professional when you look at the innovative companies.

Join Melbourne Polytechnic’s different and imaginative arts neighborhood that may start your heart and mind towards the very abstract plus the profoundly real.


Brand new technology has transformed design lately, opening up another realm of possibilities.

Fashion Design

Learn Fashion Design at Melbourne Polytechnic. Be at innovative associated with manner and theatre sectors with Melbourne Polytechnic’s Fashion Design courses.


When you have a passion for plants and creative style then a lifetime career in floristry might be right for you.


Studying Illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic, could gain experience in guide illustration, artwork and printmaking, electronic imaging, editorial example, freehand drawing and computer system technologies.

Home Design

Our interior design programs tend to be your entry way to a sound and worthwhile profession into the interior design industry.


Do you need to design and create your very own jewelry? In the event that you learn Jewellery at Melbourne Polytechnic, you could do that.


Whether you intend to pursue photography as a vocational career or an artistic method, Melbourne Polytechnic’s programs have anything for your needs.

Visual Art

If you value to state your self creatively in artwork, printmaking or photomedia, these courses are available.