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October 7, 2015
Is “All About Textiles

once we state our Acoustic Textiles happen third party tested to perform like they need to, so what does which means that? On this page we will explore just how our Acoustic Textiles tend to be tested and exactly what those figures indicate.

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You might have heard the terms Jacquard and dobby in reference to material, but have you any idea exactly what it means? In this article, we are going to broadly protect the differences between those two types of looms.

The processes of creating textiles can be, well, slightly difficult. There are a lot of various steps which have in the future together to make your seats, acoustic panels, lounge seating, cubicle panels or any place else you stick fabric look and perform great. Some people are artistic learners, therefore we put together a handy infographic to give a diverse overview of exactly what the procedure appears like at our mills in Maine and vermont.

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In terms of recycled content in material, all isn't created equal. Pre-Consumer, Post-Consumer, Post-Industrial and Recycled are typical terms found in the information set of fabrics but indicate various things.

You've got most likely heard the terms "piece dyed" or "yarn colored" thrown around, but have you any idea what those terms suggest and just how it affects the fabric?

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Perhaps you have wondered what it indicates whenever a material specification states "pattern shown railroaded"?

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As a fashion designer or specifier, you might have seen these symbols around while searching textile web pages, but do you know what they stand for and how can they generate your work easier? Read on to find out.

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Pictured above: Oscar, Overachiever, and

Just what a textile is constructed of can make a giant huge difference with regards to performance, durability, cleanability and where it must be utilized. Using a textile with the wrong content can lead to bad performance in the field. In this post we'll talk about Solution-Dyed plastic (SDN). Exactly what its, its benefits and disadvantages and just why it's a great choice for health conditions.

Almost all of you most likely keep in mind weaving some yarn collectively on a bit of cardboard in quality college, but what does a state-of-the-art loom look like that can weave countless yards of upholstery, panel, acoustic or cubicle textile a-day? Check out our brief movie on weaving showing how it is done.

We know the ultimate way to keep furniture clean should not have something spill about it. But this is basically the real-world, where dirt and spills tend to be bound to happen. Thank goodness, you can find stain repellents.

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