Kathryn M. Ireland

January 1, 2019
Kathryn M. Ireland
Kathryn Ireland has crafted a 7 time refuge together with her inner group of manufacturers, healers, yogis, cooks & regional connoisseurs journey of South of France directed by Kathryn Ireland.
Your week may be filled up with time trips to absorb the French country, spectacular meals & wine prepared by your personal cook, curing treatments by Kathryn’s hand-picked practitioners. Relaxation laughter, and spontaneity await you within the south of France as you meet, mingle, change with a captivating crowd throughout the world.The week long retreat at La Castellane is an idyllic escape from the whole world. Nurtured of course and directed by an accommodating staff, you certainly will reconnect towards important things in life.“If discover anywhere in the world more pleasurable or more chic I've maybe not discovered it”.
Birgitta, Oslo, Sweden

“Somewhere in the exact middle of unlimited sunflower areas and panoramic views; in-between meals of earthy vegetables and sun-kissed fresh fruit; before and after day trips to charming, medieval towns, I discovered the potency of my warrior pose, the effectiveness of mantra chanting, the disease of my personal laughter, and the sexy fascination of French lifestyle. Thanks, Kathryn and Jan, for a transforming life-changing experience.”
Victoria, Princeton, NJ, American

7 evenings includes:
- Morning Meal, Lunch, Dinner & Local Wine
- Transportation to and from Toulouse Airport
- Everyday Maid Service
- Constant Yoga

- Design Talks by Kathryn M. Ireland
- Antique and Flea Market searching with Kathryn
- Work on your design task with Kathryn
- Preparing Demonstrations
- Internally Natural Wine Tasting
- Exclusive Tours of Professional Chateaus
- Visits to Ancient Hill Towns
- Trips to Regional Areas
- Galleries, Galleries, Wineries
- Horse Back Driving *
- Personal Yoga Classes *
- Art Afternoon *
- Massages *
* additional charge

“A glorious few days in the Southern of France, where in fact the sunshine sparkled, the night stars glittered, the yoga inspired, the meals rocked. plus the cobblestone mountains breathtaking! A recipe that produced memories of a very long time.”
Carol, NYC, USA

“The few days ended up being nothing lacking extraordinary. The first class staff were always so friendly, caring and attentive to our per need. All in all a unique and magical knowledge – every little thing i really could have dreamt of and a whole lot! I surely recommend it. We will be straight back!”

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