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January 11, 2016
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Intensive tints, unique materials which control light as well as heat and much more textile news for wise methods.

Création Baumann’s revolutionary methods for interior shading are celebrated for their technical ingenuity and their particular diversity of fabrics. The different systems for roller blinds, panel curtains, vertical blinds and Roman blinds have become previously smarter because of incorporated, virtually noiseless technology and unique textiles, which regulate light as well as heat. In 2014 the number may be enhanced with brand-new textile items and intensive tints.

Roller blinds
Within he roller blind sector, “Cecilia R” brings freshness and lightness to the house. The colourful and imaginative digital images which feature tree limbs, leaves, colourful blossoms and butterflies spread a spring like ambiance and in addition provide privacy. It really is for sale in white or perhaps in anthracite, in roller-blind widths all the way to 145 cm.

“Herba R” is an absolute and picturesque depiction of nature, with filigree twigs and fragile vegetation. The digital print is put on the base portion of the fabric generating a pleasing optical effect – even when the roller-blind is not fully unrolled. The result is specially striking when a few roller blinds are positioned next to each other. Moreover, “Herba R” is flame-retardant and suitable for the health care industry, i.e. health and personal conditions, in which inside environment make a significant contribution towards the healing up process. It is available in purple-blue and white.

The distinguishing options that come with “Basic IV UN R” are its antimicrobial properties, rendering it well suited for use in the healthcare sector. The semi-transparent uni fabric affords good privacy and is for sale in 16 fresh colours for roller blinds around 280 cm wide.

Three new styles and a big variety of tints herald variety at window from laser worked textiles. “Rondo R” captivates with a big array of semi groups and its smooth appearance. It's another 3D textile and this can be used for roller blinds. A practical and visual option which allows diffused light shine through. It's available in two various fundamental attributes with various densities and textures: its available in seven different color options in “Sinfonia" quality and five colour choices in “Fresco” high quality. “Canto R” is much more masculine and graphic with a pattern of laser slice rectangles. The textile yields a wonderful light impact through the entire area. The sweeping outlines inside “Dunja R“ pattern had been empowered by majestic sand dunes; the look will come in three different fundamental attributes: as well as “Sinfonia” and “Fresco”, it is also available in 14 attractive colour configurations from “Shade” range. All three, “Rondo R”, “Canto R” and “Dunja R” are produced to customized particular proportions to a maximal roller blind width of 180 cm.

Vertical blinds
New to the uni industry are three different alternatives “Sobria”, “Ramira” and “Protectinus”. “Sobria” entices with superior textile properties and it is for sale in a width of 12.7 cm, as well as in five all-natural color options. “Ramira” is somewhat denser and obtainable in two widths – 8.9 cm and 12.7 cm. These vertical blinds are well suited for work together with agreement industry while they provide outstanding protection against glare. “Protectinus” features an aluminium vapour layer on reverse, offering not merely security against glare and invasive stares additionally an efficient control of heat ingress. It may achieve light and heat transmission values of less than six %. “Protectinus” is flame-retardant and available in a width of 12.7 cm.

New improvements within the sector of laser fabrics tend to be “Rise V” and “Colin V“, two dreamy versions which create interesting light effects and motion during the window. “Colin V” charms with soft flowing outlines from laser slice stripes. “Rise V” is much more muted but just as striking as the laser cut design of bloom like forms generates a fascinating 3D result which, according to the selected setting the straight blinds, allows smooth light shine through. Both choices are furnished regarding established “Irolo” quality and accessible to purchase from a comprehensive colour pallet of 34 tints.

Panel curtains
“Rose Voile” is an absolute curtain textile that will be in addition suited to panel curtains. Opulent rose motifs hem the textile to bestow a classy turn to interiors, whilst light shines lightly through panel. Its for sale in two color configurations for a finished panel width as much as 120 cm.

Besides this supplement, you can find numerous curtain fabrics from Création Baumann’s extensive collection which are also suited to panel curtains. The choice ranges from unis in absolute to heavy attributes, from diversely designed ornamental to practical versions.

Inside shading methods give you the method for controlling the perspective of incoming light and light intensity. Furthermore they impress due to their practical properties, eg defense against glare and invasive stares or control over temperature ingress. Using the extensive collection Création Baumann demonstrates its expertise in textile systems whilst continuing to incorporate innovative and diverse solutions.

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Vertical Blinds
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Panel Curtain
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