Textile Designers, London

May 30, 2018
Rose Sharp Jones is a designer

Nicola CostelloORIGINALLY she was set on a life in music, but University of Huddersfield pupil Nicola Costello unearthed that the woman real passion was for textiles and weaving in wool. She changed path and has today become among an elite number of promising youthful manufacturers chosen to produce their particular just work at prestigious events in London and Paris.

Nicola recently graduated with high grade Honours from her BSc course in Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors.Nicola Costello into the closing phases of the woman researches, she ended up being nominated by tutor Nicola Redmore – who is Senior Lecturer and topic commander for Textiles – as an applicant to become among just 24 UK students selected to produce their particular just work at Texprint London, an exhibition that is established as a major exhibit for young designers.

To earn the woman spot in the event, Nicola travelled to London and displayed a profile of the woman work to a panel of industry experts.Nicola Costello they certainly were impressed and she duly participated when you look at the two-day Texprint program, with some 25 samples of fabrics – including furniture and covers – woven in colours and designs that were encouraged by her love of snowboarding into the French Alps.

Now, Nicola is regarded as Texprint’s 24 celebrity manufacturers who'll be a part of an event in Paris – among fifteenth to seventeenth September – named Première Vision Fabrics. Trade purchasers and news commentators is in attendance, causeing the a major intercontinental exhibit.Nicola Costello Nicola hopes that the woman collection – known as Les Deux Alpes, after the woman favourite skiing resort ... see types of Nicola's work below ... pictures thanks to Robert Kenyon – will receive plenty of attention, as this is a chance to offer her styles.

Aged 26, this woman is a two fold graduate associated with the University of Huddersfield. As a pianist, violinist and dual bassist she first completed a Bachelor of musical degree. But – while she nonetheless enjoys playing – Nicola realised the woman passions set in other places.

Nicola Costello“i usually liked to accomplish art and my mum aided me personally decide that I had a need to take action visually creative. Thus I went back again to the University to complete textile design, ” stated Nicola, who's today mastered the practical as well as the design proportions of weaving, with an unique inclination for working with good Uk wool.

“My household have been around in Lancashire for generations, ” stated Nicola, who's from Rochdale. “A significant all of them was raised with weaving, with mills in most town, and I was raised with tales towards regional textile business.”

Now she aims to go into the business herself, together with her University of Huddersfield degree and Texprint success as a launch pad.