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December 15, 2016
Scottish textile designer

The Art Deco type of the 1920's and 30'sVarious Art Deco musicians and artists have become in popularity over the past couple of years and not one more so compared to ornamental arts manufacturers like Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper.

Art Deco is, but exactly about design and fashionable pieces with shaped lines and geometric patterns are and always is the many sought after.

Geometric forms plus superbly done surfaces define the art in art deco.

Placing beautifully made sculptures or superbly useful sitting in a minimalist or modernist design attracts the attention on work of the art deco artist.

Notable Art Deco Artists Include …

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Andre Leon Arbus (art deco, designer, 1903-1969)

After graduating through the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Arbus joined up with his father’s Toulouse closet making firm, that he later headed. Displaying inside Paris Salons from 1926 onwards, he relocated to the capital in I930.

Andre Leon ArbusArbus ended up being granted the Prix Blumenthal in 1935 and exhibited in the great Global Exhibitions in Brussels (1935), Paris(1937) and nyc (1939).

He finished the firm’s production of Furniture in eighteenth century types, his very own styles were really impressed because of the more stylised classicism associated with the French Empire.

He rejected the rhetoric of this UAM, continuing his workshop system and integrating luxurious veneers, bleached pet hide vellum and gilt mounts in his furniture.

Norman Bel Geddes (art deco, fashion designer, 1893-1958)

After studying quickly in the Art Institute of Chicago, Bel Geddes worked in a Chicago advertising company creating posters for General Motors and Packard.

Norman Bel GeddesIn 1918 he began an effective career as a stage set designer before turning to manufacturing design in 1927. Despite commissions for Toledo Scale Co. (1929), plus the traditional petrol gear Corp. (1932). it had been as polemicist of Modernity that Bel Geddes attained best recognition.

Their guide Horizons (1932) was a manifesto for contemporary streamlining which presented a series of futuristic styles for buildings and transfer systems.

Bel Geddes’ positivist vision of a streamlined future reached its apogee with his’ futurama ” Metropolis of Tomorrow’ for General Motors Highways and Horizons Pavilion at 1939 nyc World’s Fair.

In 1958 Norman Bel Geddes died on 8th of May. In 1960 his autobiography, Miracle in the Evening, was posted.

clarice cliff alton patternhe's the daddy of celebrity Barbara Bel Geddes

A.M Cassandre (art deco, fashion designer, 1901-1968)

Created Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron, Cassandre learned artwork and had been a friend of numerous leading numbers in Parisian avant-garde community of 1920s, including Apollinaire, Fernand Leger and Erik Satie. His posters combined bold photos with a stylised ease of use and contemporary typefaces.

In 1927 he founded an advertising agency, Alliance Graphique with Charles Loupot and Maurice Moyrand. Cassandre created three typefaces: Bifur ( 1929), L’Acier ( 1930) and Peignet (1937).

Pierre Chareau (art deco, designer, 1883-1950)

Born in Bordeaux, Chareau first exhibited at Salon d’ Automne in 1914. Trained as an architect, he exhibited in 1925 Paris Exposition as both an architect and a decorator.

The strong curves and luxurious contrasting of exotic forests in his early in the day furniture gave means into the later 1920s to an even more functionalist empowered aesthetic.

As a founder member of the UAM, Chareau’s belief in the relationship between type and purpose had been reaffirmed, and from 1932 to 1938 he undertook detail by detail research to the improvement cellular space partitions.

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