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January 20, 2018
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2013_August_Patterns_3maybe you have discovered a fabric you liked, but didn’t know how to describe it to locate it once again? We’ve all heard of florals, stripes and geometrics but fabric styles don’t stop there. I’ve been discovering loads about textiles lately, including brands for habits that We never understood! Therefore I’ve complied a list of some common habits, their brands, and a little bit about them.

1. Damask (DAM-usk): This elegant design gets its title from the city of Damascus, an important trading post over the Silk path where material for this design had been made and traded to your western. Damask materials function habits of flowers, fresh fruit as well as other designs and are often monochromatic. Damask styles tend to be popular these days in wallpaper, dining table linens, and upholstery.

2. Matelassé (Mat-la-SAY): the term “matelassé” is a French term meaning quilted or cushioned. This makes good sense, as a matelassé material is a design with an increasing design that appears padded, quilted or embossed. As they look cushioned, matelassé materials don’t actually contain any cushioning. Matelassés are typically solid colors and they are perfect for pillows, bedding, and much more.

3. Quatrefoil (KAT-ruh-foil or KWA-tra-foil): This structure originates from Gothic and Renaissance structure. Title quatrefoil is Latin for “four leaves” while the design resembles a four-leaf clover. There are lots of variations for the quatrefoil, like the “barbed quatrefoil, ” that will be squarer and the “slipped” quatrefoil, that has a little stem. This design is well-known in window treatments, pillows and wallpaper.

4. Houndstooth: This classic check was first worn by shepherds inside Scottish lowlands. It is a two-tone pattern that combines dark and light yarns in irregular rows. The unequal design leads to a design that appears like a dog’s enamel, for this reason title houndstooth. Houndstooth is popular in coats and clothing but is additionally ideal for upholstery.

5. Suzani (Su-ZA-nee): a normal center Eastern structure, suzani textiles were embroidered by brides as an element of their particular dowry and introduced towards the groom regarding the wedding. Suzani textiles are usually a large-scale design with sun and moon disk (medallion), floral, and vine motifs. Today’s suzani designs are loom woven or imprinted. This design is popular for bedding and window treatments.

6. Chevron: A zigzag stripe structure, chevrons have-been well-known when you look at the U.S. for decades. The expression chevron arises from the inverted V form used in army insignia. Indeed, the design goes back in terms of 1800 B.C. on pottery and rock carvings. Chevrons tend to be an enjoyable, playful material for pillows, window treatments and even more.

7. Paisley: The paisley theme resembles a droplet, teardrop or tadpole and it is of Persian and Indian source. The British had been introduced into the paisley design into the 18th century as soon as the British East Asia business cut back shawls with the design. The structure got its title from the city of Paisley, Scotland, in which fabrics utilizing the design had been produced. Paisley is still popular today in formal styles as well a playful brilliant colors, perfect for kids’ rooms.

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